Why Fritzify?

"Can you Fritzify this for me?"


I didn't invent the term Fritzify. Clients did.

It first happened in 2000 when I was working for the search engine Lycos. A co-worker came to me with a paper in hand and asked with a smile, "Could you fritz-ify this for me?" 

Since then, I've heard that same spontaneous phrase from a half-dozen other clients. Bowing to the wisdom of the crowd, I'm taking the name for my own.

It's a cheery word, and it's a good description of how I work. I'm at my best when I'm collaborating with the people close to a product, adding my skills to their knowledge. The best way to get to a great final draft is always to have the experts get down a first draft, however rough, and then let me "Fritzify" it to make the ideas clear and put them in the company's voice. Yes, I do also write from scratch, but I find it's always faster and stronger (and cheaper) if the people closest to the product lay down the first ideas that we work with.

Can I Fritzify some words for you? Contact Me.